About Us

Blue Geisha Tattoo is a custom shop in the West Seattle Alaska Junction. Our custom artists are experienced in many different styles of tattooing and piercing and are available by appointment or as a walk-in (subject to availability). Located in the West Seattle Alaska Junction at 4204 SW Oregon Street. Come down and talk to us about your next body modification. We are open Wednesday – Saturday 12pm-8pm and Sunday 12pm-6pm


Custom tattoos are created after a consultation appointment with the artist of your choosing. Consultation appointments are done in person so that you can get face time with your artist and really reach an understanding of the project you will work on together.

Consultations are scheduled for 12pm (noon) Wednesday – Sunday. Call or email the shop to schedule your free consultation and begin your next tattoo project! – 206-257-4636

If the design is simple or requires no drawing a consultation may not be necessary. In this case, a tattoo appointment can be scheduled or you can walk-in (based on availability).



We accept appointments for piercings, stretching, jewelry changes and piercing consultations. Walk-ins are subject to availability.


Piercings are done on a walk-in basis only. You can call ahead to ask us about availability.

For individuals under 18 we will do certain piercings with a parent/legal guardian PRESENT with proof of age and legal guardianship. The best way to do this is if both the parent and minor have valid state issued IDs (Drivers license, State ID, Passport or Military ID, etc.) with matching last names and addresses.

If your last names or addresses don’t match we will need you to bring something to prove the relationship like an official birth certificate. If the minor doesn’t have a state issued ID we also accept a current school ID along with one of the documents listed above.

We offer piercings starting with the earlobes at age 10 years or older. NO EXCEPTIONS! Thanks for understanding.

We carry a selection of body jewelry for healed piercings and can help with changing the jewelry out for a small fee. All the materials are approved by our piercers and range from surgical stainless steel basics to titanium, niobium, and 14K gold. We currently have in stock:

Nostril studs (screws, L-bends, nosebones)
Nostril hoops
Septum clickers
Organic hangers and plugs
Basic steel tunnels / gauges
Steel body jewelry basics (barbells, captive bead rings, flat back studs)
And more!

If someone would like to bring in jewelry to be sterilized for a fresh piercing we require the jewelry be brought in at least 24 hours ahead of time to inspect, clean and sterilize.

We reserve the right to refuse to pierce with / insert any jewelry we don’t feel is appropriate.

No matter where you got your piercing our staff is always happy to offer advice and help for piercing problems, questions or healing follow-up. Feel free to give us a call (206) 257-4636 or drop by the shop.